Progressive Mass Funders Collaborative


The Progressive Mass Funders Collaborative (PMFC) is a group of individual donors who have come together to advance Massachusetts' progressive agenda. PMFC is building the infrastructure that leads to progressive wins on Beacon Hill and at the ballot box. We identify gaps in the electoral infrastructure and leverage our funding to fill those gaps. In addition, we want to build a more democratic and equitable Massachusetts through the resurgence of policies that help underrepresented populations.

PMFC seeks to:

  • Elect progressive office holders
  • Increase the number of women and people of color running and winning
  • Support efforts to encourage more progressive governing
  • Increase the number of individual donors supporting this kind of long term change work

Our donors are forward-thinking progressives who want to collectively leverage their giving for a greater impact. By participating, you'll:

  • Influence the critical thinking to advance a progressive agenda
  • Help build a more aligned individual progressive donor community
  • Gain inside information at quarterly strategy meetings with donor colleagues plus briefings from the state's top thinkers and leaders
  • Focus on electoral wins and long-term systematic change

You can read more about our work here and here. To learn more or to attend one of our quarterly meetings, email: Alexandra Russell