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To nurture the systemic shifting of power to constituencies and leaders who support an inclusive, educated and democratic society.

About Us

Maria and Greg Jobin-Leeds founded the Partnership for Democracy and Education in 2006. With expertise in education and social justice, Maria and Greg have dedicated their careers to launching and nurturing successful high-impact social change organizations.

We are instigators and incubators of webs of change. We connect leading thinkers and change makers to passionate philanthropists and influential political leaders who share a common vision: a vibrant, inclusive society where every person participates in and steers the decisions that affect their lives.


Maria Jobin-Leeds

Greg Jobin-Leeds

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Remona Davis

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Maria Jobin-Leeds
Managing Partner

Maria Jobin-Leeds likes to think at the systems level. Using democracy as a tool, founding Access Strategies Fund became an opportunity to fund grassroots civic organizations to wield more power. Collaboratively, over the last 15 years Access has helped develop many leaders, organizations and improved public policies to benefit low income communities, African Americans, Latinos, Immigrants and Women. We help community focused leaders, especially women leaders, to actively engage their constituents to think critically about the policies we need, to advocate effectively and to either help or hold their representatives accountable, or encourage one of their own to run for public office. Maria and staff incubated the Women's Pipeline for Change which addresses the barriers to democracy for low-income grassroots women of color with an eye toward remaking the system and developing more women to take public leadership.

At Access Strategies, our current understanding of the link between economic power and democratic power moves us towards a participatory understanding of the Solidarity Economy and how it could support democracy. We are leveraging our endowment as an investment tool to support the same mission, by investing in the same communities in which we make grants.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education supports the movement for high quality public education in an era when there is pressure to dismantle the largest civil rights project in the country: our free system of excellent public education. Maria's founding direction keeps the work of bringing students, parents, teachers and policy makers focused and effective at changing the public frame from individual student achievement to opportunity for all, including girls, and students of color.

The Partnership for Democracy and Education provides the research on viable, community oriented candidates for public office that will lead us towards a just, egalitarian society. As an individual she fundraises for the most promising and provides access to the issues, leaders and constituencies they might need to serve. She has made good use of Statehouse and Washington visits, with community activists and donors to remind elected about the women and low-income communities that need representation in out state and federal budget.

Currently her focus is shaping the endowments on which she advises into powerful forces that create the solidarity economy, where foundation assets are used to create wealth in the same low-income communities where our grant money fosters democratic power and excellent public education. You can be assured that this 'impact investing' is guided by and benefits progressive women of color and community.

She has received numerous community awards, and provides board leadership for the Proteus Action League, Access Strategies, Schott Fund, Schott Foundation. She supports the Investment Committee for each of these organizations.

Her youth in Puerto Rico and Sudan, family orientation of feminism and civil rights, along with her early career in the first decade of the HIV epidemic provide rich learning opportunities which fuel her inclusive strategy. She and her husband sent their kids to bilingual public schools in Cambridge, and travel with them to understand other worldviews. She earned her BA from Colby College and Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Greg Jobin-Leeds
Managing Partner

Greg Jobin-Leeds is the author of When We Fight, We Win! twenty-first century social movements and activists that are transforming our world. Greg is the Chair of the Board, Co-Founder and first President of the award winning Schott Foundation for Public Education. Under Greg's leadership, Schott nurtured the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) in 1993 and later helped found the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE). Through litigation, legislation, media and grassroots organizing, both organizations' efforts led to winning $7.4 billion for high-need New York schools to improve teacher effectiveness, early education opportunities and desperately needed resources. Schott won the Council of Foundation's 2007 Critical Impact Award for this victory.

In 2006, Schott began publishing the report, “The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males” which has created a groundswell of support for reforming public education. In 2008, Schott launched the Opportunity to Learn Campaign to build a national movement to close the opportunity gap in public education. Schott helped organize grassroots and religious groups across the country around the opportunity to learn framework.

He has made a career out of launching and nurturing successful, high-impact social change organizations. His talent for recruiting effective leaders and encouraging their efforts to break new ground has led to milestone victories for the nation’s historically underserved children and most under-represented families.

Greg has helped launch:

  • The Partnership for Democracy and Education whose mission is to nurture the systemic shifting of political power to constituencies and leaders who support an inclusive, educated society.

  • Access Strategies Fund, which has played a leading role in closing the racial gap in voter turnout in targeted communities and overturning racially unjust gerrymandered districts which has led to progressive leaders of color being elected.

  • The 501(c) (4) Education Voters of America that creates the political will to transform the nation’s public education system by holding public officials accountable for serving the needs of all children.

  • The Institute for Student Achievement (ISA), a leading high school redesign organization, with tremendous student outcomes.

  • The Alliance for Excellent Education — now a highly effective national advocate for public high school policy.

  • The CMP Media Foundation, and served on the corporate board of CMP Media.

Greg currently serves on committees of six investment portfolios with particular interest in mission related investing. In 2007, Greg was appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to serve on the Massachusetts’ Readiness Project Leadership Council, specifically as a member of the Long-term Funding subcommittee.

Early in his career, he worked as a high school English teacher in rural Maine, then became head of the English Department of a high school in Columbia, South America. Later he trained adult literacy teachers at Roxbury Community College and then became a community organizer. Mr. Jobin-Leeds has a master's degree from Teacher's College, Columbia University, and thirty years of education, public policy, media, community organizing and leadership experience.

As the son of immigrants who escaped Nazi persecution, Greg lives the commitment of fighting for fairness and social justice. He is driven by the fundamental belief that excellence is the result of inclusion not exclusion. He often speaks and writes on the topics of Strategic Philanthropy, Organizational Development and Transformational Movement Building.


Remona Davis
Manager of Operations

Remona joined the Partnership for Democracy and Education, LLC, in 2007 as the Executive Assistant, and was later promoted to Operations & Special Projects Coordinator. She manages the administrative operations for the LLC. She brings a wealth of skills and experience from the field of human services and organizational management. Her experience and background consists of Human Services, Resident Organizing, Board Development, Criminal Justice, and Residential Property Management.

She has a passion for empowering people. A former member of the Boston Housing Authorities Resident Advisory Board she served 5 years as a board member and 3 years as a Co-Chair. In July of 2005 she initiated and successfully partnered with 8 organizations to hold the first Resident Leadership Summit for public housing residents in Boston. She continues to serve on the Community Committee sub-committee of Partners for Health and Housing Prevention Research Center. In 2008 Remona was appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination Advisory Board.

Remona has a M.S. in Organizational Management and a B.S. in Human Services with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Springfield College. She studied at Curry College for certification in Residential Property Management. When she is not involved in community service or playing Bingo, she enjoys spending time with her granddaughters Monet and Kennedi.