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To deepen democracy and transform our education system to build a more just and inclusive society by increasing political power for the most historically marginalized; low income communities, women and people of color.


Announcements & Upcoming Events

RBG: A True Fighter for Women's Rights

The Radical Imagination of Black Educators: Past and Future Directions for the Education Justice Movement

When Black Women Lead, We All Win: 10 Inspiring Leaders Show Us the Way - Forbes

Monday: Day of Action for a Safe and Equitable Re-opening

History Shows That Spending Cuts Are More Harmful Than Tax Increases During Recessions - Especially in a Downturn Expected to Be Sharp But Short Like This One

You're invited! Education Equity or Else: The Danger & Opportunity for Public Schools in the Era of Covid

Join Us for When We Fight, We Win! Podcast Series

The Power of Place - Settings That Tell A Story

Jackie Jenkins-Scott 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership Book Tour

Women of Color: A Collective Powerhouse in the U.S. Electorate

Wilnelia Rivera is Fighting for Democracy

Achieving Justice for All Should Command Philanthropy's Attention in 2020 Elections

MA House Passes #FBRC Bill + Full Low-Income Rate

State Senator Sonia Chang Diaz Continues the Fight for Education Equity

Angela Davis, Ayanna Pressly lead rally in support of Ilhan Omar

New National Poll: Women of Color Are A Powerful Voting Bloc, Holding Elected Officials Accountable for Action

CBS This Morning: Maria Jobin-Leeds Perspective on Harassment of Female Candidates

Sister to Women's Pipeline for Change, Ayanna Pressley Introduces the Pipeline

The Age of Schoolyard Politics - Trauma, Individualism and the Hope in Collaboration

Backpack Full of Cash, Narrarated by Matt Damon; a New Film About the Growing Privitization of Public Schools

Black Women Lead 100

WHEN WE FIGHT WE WIN!: Twenty-First-Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World

Pres. Carter allies with women; Critique of scriptures and militarism

Do you know "What is Systemic Racism?" watch and learn.

Who Leads Us? A Campaign to Building a Democracy

"Black Lives Matter" - The 50 State Report on Public Education & Black Males

Unlocking Opportunity for African America Girls: A Call to Action for Educational Equity

Pathways to Political Leadership
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